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Date: 3/12/2023
Subject: Sacred Dance Guild - 65 Second Video Project! Send Yours Now!!
From: Sacred Dance Guild




It's time to send in your 65 second videos celebrating the 65th Anniversary of the Sacred Dance Guild! As promised in our 65 second invitation video (below) we’re now sending you the submission process and are so looking forward to receiving your response to "THIS IS SACRED DANCE"


  1. Videos received will be curated with the intention to make a maximum of FIVE public on EACH Full Moon beginning with THE PINK MOON on April 5, 2023! Links and/or videos themselves will be posted on the Sacred Dance Guild Website, on various Social Media platforms, may be sent via email to our contact list and/or shared in other ways or using other possible distribution methods.


  2. Your 65-second video submission must be edited to 65 seconds or less. We will not be able to include your video if it is any longer than 65 seconds.


  3. The overriding theme of these videos is to show the many facets of what "sacred dance"  means to different people. Your video will show your version of THIS is Sacred Dance" (to me!) As noted in the intro video - it can be a clip from a past video, a piece created for this project, it can be dance and/or movement or spoken words, presentations, panels - anything related to dance as an expression of the sacred.


  4. If you include music in your video, please ensure that you have the permission/rights to use and/or the music is in the public domain. (Using copyrighted music will cause YouTube to block your video, and we don't want that!)


  5. If there are other individuals in the video please ensure you have their permission to have their images made public.


  6. Include with your submission: Your name, the names of those who appear in the video (e.g. dancers or speakers) and in what location the video was made; and any pertinent information you would like to accompany the video. . Limit 100 words.. (Example: Submitter: Jane Doe; dancers/speakers: Jane Doe, John Doe and Nicky Smith. This video was filmed on the waters of Hudson Bay and shows the sacredness of the dancers relating to the spirit of the water. 


  7. Since we wish to represent as wide a geographical area as possible, we will limit submissions to one video per person at this time.


  8. Submit your video to PR Co-Director Jessica Abejar at - in any of the following three ways:
    1. As an email attachment (if small enough in size)
    2. As a link to the video in Google Docs.
    3. Using the free service of We Transfer (see WeTransfer-Send Larger Files & Share Photos Online- Up to 2GB Free


  9. It is not our intention to send personal notification as to if or when your video will be made public...(we are all volunteers with crazy lives!)We WILL; however, be sending out regular updates to ALL on our contact list with links to where the videos can be viewed SO do watch for that.DO make sure you FOLLOW our Facebook page at Sacred Dance Guild | Facebook - videos will be posted there each month!


  10. You agree to the following:

By submitting this video, I hereby give  permission for the Sacred Dance Guild to use the video submitted for the 65th Anniversary 65 Second Video Project for promotion, publicity and archives, including posting on all social media platforms.    I hereby certify that I am over eighteen years of age and am competent to contract in my own name insofar as the above is concerned.  By submitting my video I acknowledge that I have completely read and fully understand this consent and release and agree to be bound thereby. I hereby release any and all claims against the Sacred Dance Guild and any persons connected to this organization utilizing this material.


And that’s it!!  We are waiting with anticipation to what arrives in our mailbox!  If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact Wendy Morrell at


Sending waves of grace to each of you on this amazing journey!




Wendy Morrell, President AND the Sacred Dance Guild Board

Tricia mary Lee, Marylee Hardenbergh, Rosalind Reid, Jessica Abejar, John West, Jennifer Payne, Debbie Donaldson, Mary Kamp and Marilyn Green.


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Severna Park, Maryland 21146 USA  |

Sacred Dance Guild | 574E Ritchie Highway, #271  | Severna Park, Maryland 21146