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Click the link with the arrow to contribute to the specified fund. If recurring donations have been set up for a fund, a "Schedule Donation" link will appear for that fund. Click the Schedule Donation link to make a recurring donation.

The SDG supports all forms of sacred dance by encouraging each dancer to explore their own personal brand of movement and by providing educational and inspiring programming.

Your donation supports this encouraging community and educational programming, which helps sacred dancers stay energized and inspired for the work they do within their communities.

The SDG reaches out beyond its membership to the whole world to promote dance as a sacred art, knowing it is a unifying, transforming and healing force that has the power to strengthen individuals and communities.

Bequests and Planned Giving

Please consider including the SDG in your will, or another planned giving option, such as a gift annuity or charitable trust. Consult your financial advisor to determine which giving option is right for you.

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